Wetlands, Revegetation and Raingardens


Australian Ecosystems specialise in the revegetation and maintenance of constructed wetland systems. We have successfully established diverse, healthy wetland plant communities on over 300 constructed wetland projects over the past 20 years. Projects range in size from a few hundred plants to over 1.4 million plants at the award winning Waterways Estate in Braeside, South East Melbourne.

Unique features of our approach to wetland revegetation include:

  • Compliant with Melbourne Water Constructed Wetland Guidelines (read more here)
  • Diverse range of wetland plants available supplied in optimal formats ideally suited for rapid establishment
  • Extensive experience in establishing plants in challenging dynamic wetland environments and polluted stormwater systems
  • Innovative systems for plant protection from waterfowl grazing
  • Laser survey equipment used for precise layout
  • High survival rates and successful coverage of planting zones
  • Plants grown in our nursery and planted by provenance


Australian Ecosystems has a proven track record in planting large scale ecological restoration/revegetation projects to successfully establish diverse and complex plant communities.

Revegetation teams consist of:

  • Site managers and planting teams with proficient ecological and horticultural knowledge
  • Transportation of up to 60,000 plants to site per delivery
  • Ability to install 200,000 plants per week
  • Efficient modern planting techniques with high survival rates.
  • Highly trained maintenance staff who can maintain plantings through to establishment while reducing weed competition
  • High standards of OH&S procedures


Australian Ecosystems is able to provide services that transform cities into water catchments. Through our partnership with Biofilta Pty Ltd (www.biofilta.com.au), we can provide a full range of services in the design and installation of raingardens and spatially efficient vertical bioretention.

Services include:

  • Design, construction and planting of traditional raingardens and highly innovative, spatially efficient, vertical raingardens that have been developed and commercialised to assist in treating stormwater in spatially constrained development sites such as factories and apartment blocks which have traditionally not had space to meet stormwater pollution reduction requirements
  • Supply and install of filtration media consistent with FAWB guidelines for raingardens and bioretention systems to ensure your raingarden exceeds best practice standards

Australian Ecosystems can assist in all aspects horticultural and landscape constuction projects. Our skilled team have the expertise to transform urban spaces into water catchments which detain and filter stormwater to help cities reduce reliance on potable water supplies. Our projects deliver alternate and sustainable water sources for landscapes and communities.

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