Projects and History

Australian Ecosystems has successfully delivered hundreds of projects to clients over an 18 year history. These projects range from the delivery and installation of 3.2 million plants and 100,000 cubic meters of mulch at the Victorian Desalination Plant, through to constructed parklands, wetlands and rain gardens across Victoria.

Victorian Desalination Plant, Wonthaggi

Australian Ecosystems worked in partnership with Thiess Degremont Joint Venture to undertake one of the largest and most complex landscape projects in Australia. We wrote species lists, collected seed, propagated and planted 3.2 million plants, installed 100,000 cubic meters of mulch and over 5 hectares of jutematting. We constructed the internal feature landscape of the plant including final grading, shaping, installation of topsoil, formation of formal garden beds, granitic sand areas, and restoration of the 200 hectare coastal park surrounding the plant which was previously farmland.

Heritage Henley Golf Course landscaping, Wonga Park

Australian Ecosystems provided plant supply and installation, vegetation management and landscaping services to the lakes and waterways of the Henley Heritage golf course on the mid Yarra river at Wonga Park in Melbourne. Works included plant species selection, propagation and planting of over 700,000 plants, guarding and maintenance to full establishment and construction of bird hide building. This project exceeded client expectations of quality, time and cost to fully complement the remarkable landscape and sculpted golfcourse. On every project we apply innovative techniques to maximise efficiency and mitigate OH&S hazards. We enhance all works with a comprehensive project management team. The vertical integration of our Nursery, Consulting, Landscape Construction and Landscape Maintenance division enables Australian Ecosystems to deliver a premium ecological service to all clients at all project scales.

Gum Scrub Creek, Officer

Gum Scrub Creek is a large creekline restoration project in South East Melbourne. AE was contracted to perform seed collection, plant propagation, coordination of plants supplied from around 8 community nurseries, site preparation, installation of 6 hectares of erosion control matting and planting of close to 400,000 plants. The project features close to 2 kilometers of creekline restoration, including wetlands, riparian zones, and large rain garden planted “sponges ” which absorb water and release the water slowly after the rain event has passed. The project is also designed to be habitat for Growling Grass Frogs and Southern Brown Bandicoots. Construction and plant installation has been completed with over 98% survival rates for all plantings.







Enclave Estate Park Reserve and Wetland, Ascot Chase

Construction of a large inner city constructed landscape including wetlands, turf, advanced trees, playgrounds, structures, boardwalk and large formal planting areas. Ascot Chase strikes an exceptional balance between beauty and functionality in its key features, such as open grass areas, play space, shade-providing remnant trees, wetland area and sustainably-designed furnishings. Importantly, the project combines sound landscape architectural design with an emphasis on enhancing ecological services.









Armstrong Creek Corridor, Waralily Estate

Construction and maintenance of several kilometres of creek corridor in a residential estate. Activities included final grading, installation of rockwork and major tree trunks and stags, several kilometres of concrete path and street furniture, installation of mulch and over 500,000 locally indigenous plants along the creekline. The estate has been constructed in several stages, and Australian Ecosystems construction division have worked collaboratively with our nursery and maintenance teams on all elements of the landscape. This site is thriving and is a major environmental assets within the City of Greater Geelong region.