Australian Ecosystems works with a range of specialists in the monitoring, assessment and management of species and natural areas in Victoria. Our network of consultants are experienced and qualified in a diverse range of ecological and environmental disciplines and are able to provide clients with current and accurate scientific advice, reports and plans.

Consulting Services

  • Ecological Research and Monitoring
  • Flora and Fauna Surveys and Assessments
  • Vegetation and Habitat Mapping
  • Habitat Hectare and Index of Wetland Condition Assessments
  • Wetland Management Plans
  • Revegetation Plans and Landscape Planting Advice
  • Ecological Management and Restoration Plans
  • Weed Mapping and Management Advice
  • Biodiversity Assessment Guideline Reporting and EPBC Act Referrals
  • Offset Plans, Monitoring and Implementation
  • Targeted Threatened Species Surveys

Australian Ecosystems is committed to forming cooperative and informative relationships with our clients. We assist clients in identifying and managing ecological values and provide unambiguous, technically sound, ecologically-based advice in language that is easy to understand. Australian Ecosystems consultancy is unique in being able to undertake ecological assessment and management projects from initiation to implementation through integration with Australian Ecosystems services in revegetation, management, nursery and landscape construction.

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