Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards



Located along the western bank of the Mullum Mullum Creek in Donvale, Mullum Creek Estate is a sustainable development where clever landscape design is being used to encourage residents to engage with the natural environment. Embedded in the vision for the estate is a respect for the existing environment and topography as well as environmental and ecological sensitivity and adaptability to a changing climate. This broad vision has been reflected throughout the project’s journey, from the design principles implemented by CDA’s Matthew Hamilton to the construction of the streetscapes, wetland and surround landscapes by Australian Ecosystems.

Judge’s comments – “The project at Mullum Creek in Donvale is a fantastic exemplar of a natural built landscape. The hydrology and ecology of the site has been well-considered, with runoff from the development site treated by a constructed wetland before it enters the nearby Mullum creek. Indigenous plantings have extended the remnant vegetation into the landscape and wetland, from seed previously collected from the site. Furniture, fences and bollards were milled on-site from timber that was already on the property. Much thought has been put into making the Mullum Creek development a beautiful, sustainable landscape.”






The Warralily Estate wetlands and creekline restoration project at Connewarre stretches across several kilometres of Armstrong Creek between Barwon Heads and Geelong. The project involved seed collection, propagation and planting of more than 1 million locally indigenous plants, as well as installing hectares of mulch, jutemat and rockwork, habitat stags, and over a kilometre of concrete pathway and street furniture. The Landscaping Victoria judges panel described the Connewarre project as “a major environmental project that is immaculately detailed, making it a community success – a beautiful place for walking, playing and enjoying the outdoors for humans, and through natural rock placement and the use of tree stags as habitat areas, a sanctuary for wildlife too.” The project brought together elements of sustainability, plant selection and water usage to build a beautiful wetland which interacts harmoniously on all levels and enhances the natural environment. The project also won Landscaping Victoria awards for Use of Plants in the Landscape, Landscape Management and Maintenance and the Natural Built Environment.

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Society of Ecological Restoration Australasia

EXCELLENCE “Restoration Practice for Project <50ha”

‘The Waterways’ is a 48-hectare restoration project located on Mordialloc Creek in Melbourne’s south- eastern suburbs which combines a housing estate with large areas of restored habitat set aside for indigenous fauna and flora in open space, lakes and other wetlands. Restoration of the site commenced in October 2000 and by 2003 over 2 million local provenance, indigenous plants were established. In 2016 The Waterways received the Award for Excellence in Restoration Practice by The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia ( DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY


Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

EXCELLENCE “National Land Conservation Award”

Creating a 10-hectare wetland in an urban growth area degraded by agriculture takes vision and quality of execution. Gum Scrub Creek is such a project. Located in Officer, Melbourne, the project has taken five years of planning to deliver, and sets a benchmark for quality urban development. Exploring the project even at the basic level reveals innovations in engineering interventions, including bio-filtration systems and habitat ponds. But the results go deeper, the completed project reveals crafted natural patterns, architectural interventions and, most crucially, community pride. Combining natural restoration with creative stormwater management, the project provides a habitat for threatened species and promotes the restoration of diminishing ecosystems. Once a farmers’ drain, Gum Scrub Creek has become a centre for community engagement and a developing natural environment to be cherished by generations to come (


Premiers Sustainability Award

FINALIST “Environmental Protection”

Australian Ecosystems was part of the project team receiving a Finalist award in the category of ‘Environmental Protection’ for Armstrong Creek at Warralily Estate. The creek line and surrounding areas have been restored based on a land capability assessment and an understanding of the hydrological, environmental, social and economic context of the site. A 2.8 km section of the creek now fulfils key water quality, flood management, public amenity and environmental system objectives. With nearly 1,000,000 native and indigenous plants along the length of the corridor – this environmental asset is providing enormous benefits to the local flora, fauna and community of Armstrong Creek. Click here for more info.


Landscaping Victoria

HIGHLY COMMENDED “Commercial Landscape over $500,000”

At the Landscaping Victoria 2016 Gala, Australian Ecosystems received the ‘Highly Commended’ award in the category “Commercial Landscape over $500,000”. Our Open Space Reserve and Wetlands project ‘Enclave’ in Ascot Vale was delivered on time and on budget for our client Mirvac. A comprehensive design by MDG Landscape Architects meant Australian Ecosystems could deliver the project to the exacting standards of the client and rigorous criteria of the Landscaping Victoria judges.



Stormwater Australia

NATIONAL “Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design Award”

At the Stormwater Victoria and National 2016 Excellence Awards, Australian Ecosystems was part of the winning team receiving the award for ‘Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design’ for Armstrong Creek at Warralily Estate. The creekline was once a gun barrel straight, degraded channel in a farmers paddock, and has been reworked to create a beautiful series of wetlands and creek line, and has been transformed into a great habitat corridor in the Geelong area. The restored landscape delivers multiple benefits including filtering stormwater, creation of a great walking corridor for residents, and significant habitat with a high density of frogs, waterbirds and other animals moving in. It was great to work with the team at Warralily Estate who made the project possible, and collaborating partners GBLA, SMEC and Neil Craigie. For a fly through of the completed project click this link  


Stormwater Victoria

“Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design Award”

At the Stormwater Victoria 2015 Excellence Awards, Australian Ecosystems was part of the winning team receiving the award for ‘Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design’. The project was led by Outlines Landscape Architecture. Australian Ecosystems staff installed approximately 6 hectares of jutemat on this project and installed close to 400,000 plants. The Australian Ecosystems nursery collected seed and propagated the bulk of the plants, and acted as a staging post for several community nurseries who grew plants for the project. Our staff have been maintaining the project for the past 18 months. Recent site inspections have revealed minimal plant losses and major recruitment of indigenous plants from seed set as well as very low weed presence across the site.


Urban Development Institute of Australia

“Award for Environmental Excellence”

In 2014 Australian Ecosystems was recognised by the UDIA for the outstanding achievement in ecological services provided to Caroline Springs.


Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

“Land Management Award”

In 2014 Australian Ecosystems was recognised with several project partners for outstanding work that exceeds best practice for constructed waterways on the 1 km long Gum Scrub Creek in Officer. The value of delivering the Gum Scrub Creek waterway in advance of the future communities will be born out in the pattern of circulation and recreational use that will be overlaid at a future date hand in hand with established values of this constructed ecology.


UN World Environment Day Award

“Excellence in Overall Environmental Management”

Our work in restoration of biodiversity was recognised at the 2013 United Nations Association of Australia environmental awards held in Melbourne.


Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Award

“Landscape Architecture Award”

Celebrating innovation and excellence when delivering landscaping works as part of the Victorian desalination green roof project.


Stormwater Australia Excellence Award

“Award for National Excellence – Surface and/or Groundwater Management”

This award recognises excellence in research, innovation, policy / regulation, and educational programs / activities that facilitate or accelerate the uptake of stormwater management principles and practices that lead to the sustainable use and management of stormwater.


GreenSmart Award

“Finalist GreenSmart Estate of the Year”

HIA GreenSmart Awards recognise the diligent efforts of environmentally-aware residential builders, designers and manufacturers. The Awards recognise those who build or design environmentally-friendly homes, provide solutions to make homes more efficient or create new products for the building industry.