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Cape Paterson Ecovillage

A sustainable housing project in South Gippsland involving large scale habitat restoration, sustainable architecture, health and community development.



Biofilta Pty Ltd is a company that combines engineering, water sensitive urban design and ecological principles to improve the way bioretention and stormwater harvesting systems are designed, installed and maintained.

Winner World Environment Day Awards 2013

Australian Ecosystems' work in restoration of biodiversity over the past 17 years was recognised at the 2013 United Nations Association of Australia environmental awards held in Melbourne. Australian Ecosystems won the category of "Excellence in Overall Environmental Management." Well done to the efforts of all our staff over the past 17 years.

Winner Land & Biodiversity Award 2006

Banksia Environmental Foundation Awards

Australian Ecosystems’ work in ecorestoration has been recognized by the receipt of numerous industry awards. Australian Ecosystems is also pleased to be associated with many projects for which our partners have received commendations.

The receipt of the Land and Biodiversity Award from the Banksia Environmental Foundation, is one such example; this award being recognition for our contribution to orchid conservation at Manks Rd.

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Pelican Expeditions

Australian Ecosystems is one of the founders and major investors in Pelican Expeditions, a 60 foot ocean going sailing catamaran built to perform marine research, environmental education, filmmaking and projects with indigenous communities.

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The Australian Ecosystems Group

This planet supports human life within a finely balanced biosphere with finite resources. Maintaining this balance and living within the ecological limits of the planet is the key to the standard of living for all people.

Australian Ecosystems, Climate Positive and the Cape Paterson Ecovillage are three related companies working to provide leadership in developing sustainable living, protection of ecosystems and promoting a custodian relationship with the planet we live on. They embody the notion of the triple bottom line – building economic, ecological and social capital.

Australian Ecosystems has also developed an active philanthropic programme. This includes supporting a range of social, environmental and community development projects in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.